What Is DataMan.dll

DataMan.dll is an important file which plays an important role in maintaining Windows operating system running smoothly. It helps relevant .exe file performs its task and makes sure the operating system could access to the correct data. The problems that your system will have will be that the DataMan.dll file will either be corrupted, damaged or missing; preventing Windows from being able to operate as smoothly as possible.

DataMan.dll Detailed Information

  • File Name:
  • DataMan.dll
  • File Vendor:
  • Sygate Technologies, Inc.
  • File Information:
  • Data Manager
  • Operating System:
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95
  • MD5:
  • 4c47529dc41f33cd161eb442ce49abc4
  • File Type The filename:
  • DataMan.dll refers to many versions of a dynamic link library.
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DataMan.dll Error Messages

If the DataMan.dll file is missing or corrupt, you might have seen error messages like the below when you start your computer or open applications:

  • Component "Kernel32.dl" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered a file is missing or or invalid.
  • Component "DataMan.dll" or one of its dpendencies not correctly registere a file is missing or invalid

  • A required .dll file, DataMan.dll, was not found.
  • A required .dll file,DataMan.dll,was not foun.

  • "Cannot find [PATH]\DataMan.dll"
  • "The file DataMan.dll is missing."
  • This application failed to start because DataMan.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  • This application has failed to start because DataMan.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

The Causes to DataMan.dll Missing Error

Each and every task that we perform in the system, like installation and uninstallation of various application programs is one of the causes of DataMan.dll error.

The main root cause is a faulty or corrupted Windows registry. The registry is one of the most vital elements of the operating system which is actually a storehouse of all the necessary settings and configurations related to all your installed software and hardware.

Many times the registry gets clogged up due to several factors such as infection by malware and spyware, and improper installation or uninstallation of certain programs etc. As the registry contains the paths to dll files, due to these types of problems the paths might get corrupted and this causes Windows to spit-out error messages.

It is also important to understand that dll files are usually shared by multiple programs and in case of an improper uninstallation of one program, problems may arise with all the other programs that are using that file.

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Why Do We Need to Fix DataMan.dll Error

DataMan.dll error is a complicated computer error that can result in more serious computer problems. If your PC has been in the trouble of the error, you may need to get rid of the problems below:

  • Sluggish system performance
  • System boot up problems
  • Computer screen freezes all the time
  • Spyware, adware and malware problems
  • Damaged system files
  • Driver update failure
  • Computer shut down instantly
  • Blue Screen of Death errors

How to Fix DataMan.dll Error

Are you troubled with recurring DataMan.dll error and at a loss as to what you should do? Knowing exactly what caused your DataMan.dll file to go missing or to become corrupted makes the process of fixing the problem that much easier. Generally, there are several ways you can repair Kernel32.dl error as below:

Download the missing DataMan.dll file from the Internet.

Note the name of the DataMan.dll file mentioned in the error message and perform a search operation on your PC to check to see if the listed file is present on your computer or not.

If the file is missing, download a copy of the missing DataMan.dll file from the Internet and save the file in its default location. If you are unsure about the default location of the file, then save the file in your system folder. Next, perform the following steps to register DataMan.dll file:

  • Click Start and then click Run.
  • Type "cmd" and press Enter.
  • At command prompt, type "regsvr32 DataMan.dll" and press Enter
  • regsvr32 DataMan.dll

  • Next, at command prompt, type exit and press Enter.

Reinstall the application which causes the DataMan.dll error.

If you receive DataMan.dll error message which indicates that you can reinstall the application to fix this error, then to uninstall and reinstall the application would help you. Use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to uninstall this program and then reinstall it to fix missing DataMan.dll error.

Many times DataMan.dll error occurs not due to problems in the file itself, but due to missing or corrupt application files. The issue is resolved when you reinstall the application that is reporting DataMan.dll error.

Run an instant malware scan.

Malware programs can cause various computer error, like yalive.dll, DataProcessor_00.dll, avgsched.dll, mfplat.dll, , of cause, including DataMan.dll error also. So, run a malware scan for you computer is a necessary job.

To ensure that your computer is free from malware, such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and other variants, update your protective software and then isolate your computer by disconnecting it from the Internet and from any network share that it might be attached to. Next, restart Windows in Safe Mode and perform a malware scan on your entire computer.

To restart Windows in Safe Mode, do the following:
  • Close all your applications and click Restart.
  • Press and hold the F8 key as Windows reloads.
  • Select the Safe Mode option (using the arrow keys) in the Windows
Advanced Boot Option Menu and press Enter

Clean Windows registry - Recommend

The registry contains all settings, files and application codes used by your computer system. These also include problematic components which cause DataMan.dll error. When the registry is cleaned, these faulty components are fixed. To prevent DataMan.dll error from registry entries, a professional DataMan.dll repair tool should be used - this is the best and efficient way to avoid DataMan.dll and its related error easily. Just follow the three steps below, which can help you solve the problem effectively:

  • Step 1: Free download the DataMan.dll repair tool from our server.
  • Step 2: Install and run the tool to do a full scan for the computer.
  • Step 3: Click "Reapir" when the scan finished to complete the fix process.
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