lxbcgf.dll Instruction

  • File Name:
  • lxbcgf.dll
  • File Vendor:
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • File Information:
  • MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version
  • Operating System:
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95
  • MD5:
  • 100df058be75625d8038417db163bf54
  • File Type The filename:
  • lxbcgf.dll refers to many versions of a dynamic link library.

What Is lxbcgf.dll and lxbcgf.dll Error?

lxbcgf.dll is a system file and shared by several programs, which plays an important role in maintaining Windows operating system running smoothly. It helps relevant .exe file performs its task and makes sure the operating system could access to the correct data. Sometimes, a removal or uninstallation of a program would cause Kernel.32.dll file missing or corrupted, so that the lxbcgf.dll file which shared by programs would be removed along with the removal. This is the main cause of lxbcgf.dll error.

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lxbcgf.dll Error Symptoms

The following symptoms may indicate errors with lxbcgf.dll:

  • lxbcgf.dll Not Found
  • lxbcgf.dll not found

  • Can not find lxbcgf.dll
  • The file lxbcgf.dll is missing
  • Can't find lxbcgf.dll. Reinstalling might help fix this error.
  • Can’t load FileSystemlxbcgf.dll.
  • This application failed to start because lxbcgf.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  • This application has failed to start because lxbcgf.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

  • Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\lxbcgf.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file.

The Causes of lxbcgf.dll Error

When you receive an error message saying lxbcgf.dll was not found or can not find the lxbcgf.dll file, you should know something about why you get lxbcgf.dll error message. The causes are various, ranging from:

  • Virus/ malware infection.
  • Uninstall mistake.
  • Bad memory modules to corrupted windows registry.

If lxbcgf.dll error is found in your computer, it means that the lxbcgf.dll file is either missing or corrupted, and it could seriously affect the operation of associated application, thus you can see application stop from running suddenly, program shutdown automatically or system freezes. A fix of lxbcgf.dll error would protect your computer from further damages.

Beside the affection that lxbcgf.dll error could bring to associated program, there are other computer damaged symptoms:

  • Registry error information pops up. Since a mess of registry would be caused by lxbcgf.dll error, so system would be unable to access to the correct data and could not run as normal.
  • Blue screen, system freezes or crashes. It's a typical phenomenon when lxbcgf.dll error or registry error occurs.
  • Low CPU usage. System is trying its effort to access to the right lxbcgf.dll files but fail to perform.
  • Windows start up or shutdown abnormally.

How to Fix Missing lxbcgf.dll Error

As lxbcgf.dll file is so crucial to the computer, there is no doubt to fix the lxbcgf.dll error promptly once you experience is prior to other things. Here are a couple of methods you can try to help you fix lxbcgf.dll error.

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Method One: Replace the missing lxbcgf.dll file manually.

Replacing the lxbcgf.dll file is probably the surest way to get your system running as smoothly as possible again. You can do this very easily by following the guide below:

  • Download lxbcgf.dll from a reliable website (or you can copy the same file from another computer). Warm tip: Please make sure if it is the correct lxbcgf.dll file that your system requires and if it is virus-free.
  • Browse to c:\Windows\System32
  • Locate the current lxbcgf.dll on your system
  • Rename the current lxbcgf.dll to Kernel32BACKUP.dll
  • Copy & paste the new lxbcgf.dll into C:\Windows\System32
  • Click Start > Run (Or search"run" on Vista & Win7)
  • Type "cmd" in the box that appears
  • Type "regsvr32 lxbcgf.dll" on the black screen
  • Press "Enter" button to install lxbcgf.dll file, if you have installed the lxbcgf.dll file successfully, you might receive a message saying that the file installed successfully. Click OK to finish the installation.
  • DllRegisterServer in lxbcgf.dll succeeded

Method Two: Update your hardware drivers.

As well as updating the software, update any drivers for attached hardware or peripherals. Where appropriate you may want to attempt to update with the latest firmware for those accessories that have it. Both of these methods are likely to introduce the most recent changes to the hardware you use. Because lxbcgf.dll is sometimes used in conjunction with hardware and peripherals this simple technique may prevent a lot of headache.

Method Three: Run a system viruses scan.

If the lxbcgf.dll file is infected by a virus or spyware, run an antivirus program to scan your PC. Virus infection is one of the common causes of lxbcgf.dll error. What you should do is to remove virus by your anti-virus program. It is not advised to remove virus in manual way. To prevent virus from infecting lxbcgf.dll file, you should make sure the firewall turns on all the time.

Method Four: Perform a system Restore.

Another simple, though sometimes frustrating, way to correct a problem with lxbcgf.dll file is to initiate a system restore. Set the restore date to before you started experiencing the lxbcgf.dll file problem.

Sometimes, however, lxbcgf.dll file error will make it impossible for your computer to start. If that’s the case, simply start your computer in safe mode then you can run the system restore.

Recommended Solution to Fix lxbcgf.dll Error Easily and Safely

Hope the information here is detailed enough for you to fix the missing lxbcgf.dll error. For those who still feel confused about the issue, we recommend an automatic lxbcgf.dll error fixer program, which can take care of the matter automatically, you can fix lxbcgf.dll not found error without acquiring specific knowledge and skills. Just follow the simple steps to repair the lxbcgf.dll and its related errors:

  • Step 1. Free download the lxbcgf.dll Error Fixer and launch it after download.
  • Step 2. Click "Scan" button to automatically exam the lxbcgf.dll and other computer errors.
  • Step 3. Click "Repair" to thoroughly repair the error without any trouble.
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